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Seedling Growing Blues

Well, It is the beginning of May and I was expecting to have a boatload

of seedlings to take to the local farmers' market. Here is where I sing the Blues...The "Seedling Growing Blues.".. oooooh yeah.

I started off so excited. This would be the second year with our new dome Greenhouse, and with the smaller greenhouse we already could I not get seedlings started.....right. I even started early, end of February, the beginning of March. I got this!!

This year I started off using my own homemade seed starter. I was excited about getting started so I was not as picky as I should have been with the soil combinations and I believe that could have contributed to some of my issues. In addition, the weather was still very cold, and the warmer weather plants need their heat to germinate. Overall it has not been a complete disaster, but not my best year for seedlings. I am still waiting on a larger number of peppers and tomatoes to show up. Next year will be better. I have learned some new lessons and will make some adjustments. I have been gardening for a really long time, and there is always, always something to learn.

Lessons Learned:

1. Make sure your seed babies have consistent heat

2. Make sure you are using quality seed starter

3. Make sure your seed babies are not too old, and give them some TLC before planting if needed; like soaking. Using last year's seeds may or may not be successful if you are counting on them, go with the newer seeds.

4. Last but not least....Don't Give Up!!!

Happy Gardening!



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